• Scott Walker's Swamp of Lies

    Scott Walker's Swamp of Lies

Walker’s tenure as Governor of Wisconsin has been an unmitigated disaster for taxpayers as he has repeatedly used the office to benefit himself and his associates:

  • Walker used phantom job transfers to give employees raises that skirted state limits. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/13/13]
  • Number of staff for security detail doubled under Walker [The Capital Times, 7/23/13]
  • Walker’s security costs rose to more than triple that of his predecessor [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/11/14]
  • Walker’s use of a state plane cost the taxpayers more than $818,000  [Chicago Tribune, 8/20/18]
  • Wisconsin state representatives called for an official audit, one flight allegedly involved filming a campaign commercial [Daily Cardinal, 9/5/18]
  • Walker received $700,000 from mining company Gogebic Taconite, allowed company to write legislation and receive tax breaks [Wisconsin State Journal, 3/25/15]

  • Billionaire John Menard Jr. gave $1.5 million in secret donations to support Walker, Menard’s Company received $1.8 million in State tax credits [Yahoo News, 3/23/15]

  • Walker’s WEDC approved $6 million in tax credits for Ashley Furniture; Weeks later company’s owners contributed $20,000 to Walker’s campaign [Wisconsin State Journal, 8/25/14]

  • An investigation into possible campaign violations revealed Walker and his aides coordinated with ‘dark money’ groups [Associated Press, 6/19/14]

Donor who was sentenced to two years of probation for violating state campaign finance laws routed more than $50,000 to Walker’s campaign. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/11/11]

  • Walker aides campaigned for his gubernatorial campaign on taxpayer time [Journal Sentinel, 1/26/12]

  • Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch was sentenced to six months in jail for campaign fundraising at the Courthouse using a secret email system [Associated Press, 11/20/12]

  • Walker’s office failed to act on multiple warnings about abuse at a state juvenile corrections facility [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/18/15]

  • Walker’s administration blamed the abuse problems on front-line staff, insulating senior department officials from blame [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/27/16]

  • Walker’s administration gave cash settlements to guards fired for using excessive force on juvenile inmates [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/18/17]

  • Walker instituted massive cuts to the University of Wisconsin system [Washington Post, 7/13/15]

  • Walker signed a state budget that removed legal protections of tenure for University Of Wisconsin professors [Washington Post, 7/13/15]

  • Scott Walker’s privatized agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Agency, lost track of millions in state loans, gave economic awards to dozens of companies that offshored Wisconsin jobs. [Huffington Post, 5/19/16]

  • Walker oversaw the passage of Act 10, gutting unions in the state, and crippling public school teachers’ ability to negotiate with employers over wages, hours, and conditions.  [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/26/16]

  • Walker failed to adequately fund Wisconsin’s roads, letting many fall into disrepair and delaying key infrastructure projects.  [The Cap Times, 8/29/18]
  • Refused to condemn Trump’s comments on women [CBS News, 8/7/15]
  • Refused to condemn the President’s comments on Charlottesville [Wisconsin State Journal, 8/17/17]
  • Claimed Trump’s immigration policies were federal matters only [Wisconsin State Journal, 6/26/18]
  • Defended Trump’s use of twitter [Associated Press, 6/13/17]

There’s a reason why four of Walker’s State secretaries have come out in opposition to him.

Escape Scott’s Swamp of Scandals. Vote him out on November 6th.